British Columbia

British Columbia in Canada has a world-wide reputation for being one of the most hospitable destinations for activity seeking tourists. The coast in particular experiences a temperate climate, probably the warmest in Canada, which makes it perfect for outdoor adventures. British Columbia Weather varies from continental to marine – obviously if you’re thinking of a week long trek in the mountainous regions in winter you can expect a far cooler climate than if you’re closer to sea level in summer by the Pacific Ocean. Here are a few ideas of the types of activities you can expect if visiting “The Pacific Province.”

As mentioned earlier, British Columbia’s terrain and climate literally invite a number of outdoor sports. The numerous lakes, forests, rivers and the coast allow for a vast number of sporting and leisure activities, such as; water sports, hiking and climbing, fishing and mountaineering.

More specifically, in recent years British Columbia has become extremely popular for white-water rafting and kayaking along the coastal region. In winter months the activities are just as abundant and involve skiing, snowboarding and the like. Longboarding has also significantly increased in popularity due to the general small mounds and hills around the area.

If extreme sports isn’t your idea of a relaxing holiday, perhaps you could consider golfing, where you still get to experience the fresh mountain air and beautiful scenic views without breaking (too much) of a sweat. In British Columbia Golf is extremely popular, perhaps in part due to the wide availability of non-arable land. In fact, if golfing is your thing, why not book an entire golfing holiday? There are a selection of area specific ‘Golfing Holiday Packages’ available which you can tailor to suit your travel needs. So wherever you choose to stay in British Columbia, you’ll find one within a reasonable travelling distance.

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