Cape Verde

The Cape Verde Islands are a cluster of ten idyllic land forms just off the coast of West Africa. The most popularly visited are Sal Island, Boa Vista, Sao Vicente, Santaigo, Maio and Santo Antao. Despite its proximity to Africa, the Cape Verde Islands enjoy a milder heat, benefitting largely from the sea breeze encompassing them. Having said that, it’s by no means cold, enjoying highs of 29 degrees centigrade under sunny blue skies.

As the name suggests, this archipelago of islands is a Pandora’s box of paradise pursuits, with sandy beaches, seafront restaurants and colonially-inspired architecture. What you might not expect are the unusual experiences that linger in the memory long after the holiday is over and you’re back to reality. For those interested in nature, there’s turtle watching, where from May to September, on-lookers can witness the gathering of over 3,000 loggerhead turtles arriving to nest. You can also do a spot of whale watching across the shallow waters of Boa Vista in particular, where the sea dwellers arrive to breed in spring. There are also ornate landmarks to visit, namely The Wreck of the Santa Maria in Sal Rei and Morro Negro, where the bones of dolphins and humpback whales have across the decades, swept on to the shore.

After a hard day of exploring, there are plenty of places to let loose and enjoy a few drinks. Some popular late opening clubs are; Disco Bambu in Estoril Beach, Mazurca in Sal Rei, Crystal in Rabil and Tuff Goin in Joao Galego. And once you’ve danced the night away to the eclectic mix of internationally influenced beats, it’s time to put your feet up somewhere relaxing and hospitable. Given the options of islands to visit, there are plenty of highly recommendable places to stay in Cape Verde. The small list below isn’t exhaustive, but provides a couple of options depending on which of the islands you happen to venture to.

Sal Island:  Hotel Odjo de Agua, Hotel da Luz, Hotel Pontao

Boa Vista: Marine Club, Hotel Iberostar, Hotel Royal Decameron

Sao Vicente: Mindel Hotel, Froya Branca Hotel, Casa Colonial

Santiago: Hotel Perola, Hotel Sol Atlantico, Hotel Tropico

Maio: Residencial Bom Sossego, Hotel Marilu

Santo Antao: Hotel Pedracin Village, Santantao Art Resort

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