New York

New York…. The big apple. This massive city and is often mistaken as the Capital city of the United States of America as it is more famous than Washington D.C. But flights to New York don’t have to be expensive especially if you look for last minute flights. Once you’re in New York things get a little bit easier in the way of travel as there are so many ways to get about.

First of all you can’t go to New York and not take a ride in a Yellow taxi cab, and the good thing about Manhattan is you never really have to wait for one as they are everywhere. These yellow cabs or “Medallion taxis” are the only vehicles allowed to pick up pedestrians from a street hail. They are also very easy to see and if they are occupied or not, just by the lights on the top of the car, if the lights are on then it is available and if they are off then it’s not, that simple.

Another way to get around is the subway. The subway is a fast way to get about New York. The first thing I would do is head to a subway station booth and ask for a subway map, these tell you all the places in the subway system. If you’re staying in New York for a while they have unlimited ride cards that gives you stress free access to the subway, you can get a 7 day ride card for under 30 dollars and 30 day card for just over 100 dollars, but these cards can only be used by one person at a time and you can only use these once in 20 minutes.

A cheaper way to travel around the city is to take a sightseeing tour, so whilst traveling round your also getting to see all the amazing sights that New York has to offer. Most of the tours will let you off the bus whenever you like, so if you see something that you would like a closer look at, you can just hop off the bus have a look around and jump on the next tour bus that comes along and carry on your tour around New York.

For a really cheap way to get about try walking, now for a big city its actually walk-able to most places and on the way to those places you’ll see other places that a lot of tourist never really encounter. Whilst walking around you will experience the real New York, you’ll smell the smells, you can stop when you want and do what you want to do.

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